WHO defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only as the absence of diseases or ailments, and recognizes the enjoyment of the highest possible level of health as one of the fundamental rights of every human. Environmental noise is a threat to public health and has a negative impact on the health and well-being of people [1] . However, the problem of noise is not considered as such by the administration, including city council, states and the judiciary power, even not by an important part of the citizenship, who prefer to modify their way of life rather than seeking lasting solutions.

At present the main sources of noise pollution in residential areas are transportation, industrial activity and leisure. The first two are becoming less important because of the technological advances to be applied such as the increase in the number of electric vehicles or pedestrian streets. However, leisure, and particularly that which occurs at night time, has become the main source of noise.

Excessive noise can be included within the problems that are not visible and whose effects are revealed medium and long term. It is a case similar to that of asbestos, radiation, heavy metals, etc. that go unnoticed in sight, but when manifested, the effects are irreversible. To all this it is added that until now it has been difficult to measure, complicating the analysis and diagnosis.

In addition, there is the component of perception, not all people have the same noise tolerance thresholds, nor do they have the same capacity to react to an aggression that drastically modifies their way of life, becoming one of the main obstacles to face the problem. We prefer to increase the isolation and never open the windows in summer, rather than demand to the administration that our fundamental rights be respected. However, the experience of recent years shows that when citizens become empowered, noise problems are solved.

In spite of everything, addressing the problem of noise and finding a solution that mitigates it, is a long road full of obstacles among which we will find: the lack of empathy and the constant discouragement of the administration, the incomprehension of a part of the citizenship , the lack of technical means and the neoliberal discourse that puts the economy before fundamental rights.

In this context, this blog and its forum is born, through which we want to spread information and knowledge. In addition to accompany and advise you, sharing our experience, to analyze and diagnose the problem and support the search for solutions facing the passivity of the administration and social and economic means. Because, in addition to acoustics professionals, we have also been victims of this violation of fundamental rights.

[1] Night Noise Guielines for Europe (2009, OMS)